The Public Records Section

Steps in the Inspection of public records from ministries and agencies

  1. Head of Public Records Section assigns a representative to each Ministries and Agencies
  2. Introduction of the Inspector to Ministries and Agencies with a covering letter for the Director General
  3. Relevant stakeholders approve the communication send by the Director General.
  4. Inspector assesses the records in the repository or record room of the ministry or agency that has been written to.
  5. Inspector and ministry or agency staff sorts records according to year to know the none current records
  6. Inspector trains ministry or agency staff in the organization of their records room to meet archival standards.
  7. Inspector monitors the records room on a monthly basis.

Steps in the collection of public records from ministries and agencies


  1. Collect the records after every five years from various Ministries and agencies
  2. File all the none current records according to year
  3. Place the files in access free boxes and label the boxes by Ministries and Agencies
  4. Prepare an accession list of the documents collected by the following means:
  5. Item number
  6. File number
  7. Brief description,
  8. Covering
  9. Date
  10.  condition
  11. Sign the Accession list of documents and give copies to the following:
  12. Representative from particular Ministries or Agencies
  13. The Director General for Technical Service
  14. The Director General
  15. The Inspector of Public Records
  16. Transport the records to the National Archives
  17. Place the documents to the Record Center
  18. Turn the records to the Archival Sector for research purposes


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