We-Care Foundation Donates Books to National Public Library

We-Care Foundation, a local NGO operating in the country donated several cartoons of assorted books to the National Public Library on Ashman Street, Monrovia. Delivering the books recently, We-Care Foundation Library Supervisor Girttne Russell said despite the donation being his institution’s first to the National Public Library, he wants it be consider as the initial of several others. “We operate a library but we are not able to use all of the books we receive from donors as a result we have to share with schools and other libraries. As we speak, we are awaiting the arrival of another container of books from “Book Aid International” for distribution to needed institutions,” Russell revealed. While cost is not attached, the books included English, literature, recent books on policing and a wide range of readers. The library which offers free research services to the public is managed and operated by the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA). CNDRA is an institution of government that is among others cloth with the statutory mandate to register and process marriage certificate, land deeds, administrative authorizations and is as well the custodian of all national documents and records. Receiving the books, the Director General of CNDRA Neileh Daitouah lauded the foundation describing the donation as one of the most important steps as money cannot replace the knowledge and success that comes through education. “If you were to give me one thousand dollar today, and one book, the book will have a long lasting effect on my life than the money, noted the CNDRA boss. He views the donation as being in the support of government’s Pro-Poor agenda which he interprets as one that is intended to take people from mat to mattress, introduce and develop a system that will provide for the Liberia’s less privilege population rather than the privilege. He wants students to make use of the library with the hope that the reading material will have a lasting effect on the lives of users. Meanwhile, Director Daitouah has unveiled plans by the agency to decentralize the operations of the public library to other parts of the country. This he said is in direct response to the growing needs of children in the rural parts of the country many of whom he noted do not have access to test books nor library for research purposes. He however did not say when the decentralization exercise will begin.

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