VP Taylor Identifies with CNDRA

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has donated 100 boxes of books to the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) or National Archives Center to be used for the newly outfitted library in Ganta, Nimba County. The boxes of assorted school books include Science, Mathematics, Biology and Reading materials will provide additional help to enhance the learning capacity of the young children of Nimba County. According to VP Taylor, the forty-foot container of books was provided by libraries for Liberia Foundation (LLF) in order to be given to schools and libraries around the country. LLF is dedicated to empowering and engaging individuals and organizations in the United States to collect educational materials and technologies for schools and communities in Liberia. Speaking at the donation ceremony held at CNDRA in Monrovia, the VP said “As we are not being able to provide books for every school in the country, this library project will help young people have more access to check out their research materials in the country.” The Vice President recalled that a few months ago she received a letter from CNDRA about the Agency trying to set up libraries throughout the country and promised to remain committed in helping them to achieve their goal. VP Taylor urged the CNRDA to ensure that it will do whatever to make the archive better, noting that the library project will provide knowledge for young students throughout the length and breadth of the country. She indicated that library is a place for people to read and do research, citing that they have already donated books to about seven schools in Bong County and 100 boxes of reading books have also been given to the Jewel Library under CNDRA. “The library project is very important because it provides knowledge for our young children, a nation that is not educated will remain a backward nation,” she stressed. The President of the Senate emphasized that education is a benchmark of democracy, noting that “it is the benchmark for progress, development, innovation and growth,” she stressed as she also gave 10 bags of 25 kg rice to the employees of CNDRA. For his part, the Director General of CNDRA, C. Neileh Daitouah, said the donation demonstrates the commitment of the Weah administration to improve the education sector across the country. “I want to take this time to appreciate you Madam Vice President for assisting CNDRA in its quest to develop libraries throughout the 15 political sub-divisions,” he said.

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