Exihibition at CNDRA

Photo Credit: Lamine Kamara
The Center for National Documents and Records Agency in partnership with the Carter Center successuly held an exhibitition of historical documents on Liberia`s founding on Thursday, September 26, 2013 through to October 01, 2013. CNDRA expresses gratitude to all who participated to make the exibition a success. 
During the exhibition, the newly discovered 1847 constitution and the Declaration of Independence and several other important historical records, including a land deed between the settlers from the United States and the indigenous chiefs they met here were placed on public display amongs others.
The exhibit is to demonstrate the importance of records management and is part of celebrations to mark  International Right to Know Day and the third year since the signing of Liberia`s Freedom of Information Law.
The Thursday September 26, 2013 event which marked the opening of the exhibit and opened to senior officials of government, including Ministers and heads of public corporations and Autonomous Agencies of Government, members of the National Legislature, the Supreme Court, members of the Diplomatic corps, the heads of the Business community as well as heads of local and International Non-Governmental Organizations.
Following the exhibit on Thursday, September 26, 2013, the exhibit continued to the public to October 01, 2013. The CNDRA invited schools, civil society and community based organizations, members of the Marketing Association, religious institutions, civil servants of government ministries and agencies and the general public to attend the exhibit.