CNDRA To Celebrate World Archives Day On June 9, 2018

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The Government of Liberia through the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) will on Saturday, June 9, join the world to celebrate the 2018 “International Archives Day.”

The celebration will be held under the global theme, “Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage while the national theme will be “Good record keeping promotes good governance, transparency and accountability.”

Since its creation in 2008, the International Archives Day aims to raise awareness among public, of the importance of archives.

The intent of the day is to educate decision makers about the value of archives and supporting historical events.

Archives are the memory of nations and societies; they provide the foundation for their identities and are a key of the information of the society.

‘’It also seeks to promotes and bring to the attention of the public unique, extra ordinary and rare documents preserve in archival institutions.

The purpose of the day is to further reflect the importance of records and archives, in order to make it understood that records and archives provide the foundation for citizen’s rights and identity’’ he said.

The idea of archiving has a major tie to cultural heritage and information resource base.

It is the combination of important and valuable cultural heritage that speak to the country’s economy, political system and social development of humanity.

Accordingly, the National Archives has outlined series of activities commemorating the day which includes the staging of public exhibitions, parade, and official indoor program among others.