CNDRA Clashes with Liberia Maritime Authority in the Intra-Governmental League Tomorrow

(Monrovia, April 23, 2019): The Center for National Documents and Records Agency kickball and football teams will on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 go against the Liberia Maritime Authority at the Samuel K. Doe Sports complex in Paynesville City.

CNDRA head Coach Joseph Wehyee said Wednesday’s Kickball match starts at 10:30AM while the Football match starts at 2:00PM.

Coach Wehyee is very optimistic that the teams will come out victorious in the first stage of the Inter-Ministerial League.

The CNDRA football team features the following players:

1.     Patrick Chea

2.     William Thompson

3.     James t. Brooks

4.     Garglan Wheagto

5.     Archie Williams

6.     Tom Nimely

7.     Alphonso Wheazor

8.     Sensee Johnson

9.     Momo Kiadii

10.                        Jimmy Geeby

11.                        Abraham Tugbeh

12.                        David Sneh

13.                        Lloyd Freeman

14.                        Sylvester Julius

15.                        Eric reeves

16.                        Massa Narmah

17.                        Samuel Jlatee

18.                        Christopher Ezekiel

19.                        Tommy Okyne and others.

CNDRA kickball team features the following players:

1.     Meltee Totepah

2.     Grace Totepah

3.     Cecelia Leumeh

4.     Diana Titriku

5.     Gbolu Harris

6.     Hawa Gbokie

7.     Angeline Tarpeh

8.     Josephine Sheriff

9.     Korpo Harleysoh

10.                        Workie Williams

11.                        Napaye Guzeh

12.                        Susan Scott

13.                         Martina D. Ricks and others.

The Inter-Ministerial League, organized by the Ministry of Youth & Sports officially commenced on April 10, 2019 with CNDRA and JFK opening the tournament.

Signed: Kaipee L. Newray, Communications/Information Director CNDRA